Beautiful Websites That Work For Your Business

Appearance is important but functionality is more so. Need a website that brings in more customers?  Let's get started!

why work with Me?

I will take care of everything

Website design and content

You supply me with the background to your business and answer some questions, then I can do the rest.

Domain and hosting

I will organise all of the tech needed to get you online. Once the website is built I transfer ownership to you so you own EVERYTHING.

Continued support

Website maintenance is offered to our customers to ensure your website stays secure and up to date.

Why WordPress?

Built Around You

WordPress is a piece of software known as a Content Management System.  Over 30% of the worlds websites are powered by WordPress so there must be a few good reasons why it's so popular!

If your website is built using WordPress then this doesn't automatically mean it will be a great website but, the fact it uses WordPress means it has A LOT of potential.

WordPress, when in the right hands, is great for reasons including: 

  1. 1
    Search Engine Optimization or the likelihood your website will be found by your customers
  2. 2
    Flexibility.  Your websites design and  functionality is endless, it's only confined by the limits of your imagination
  3. 3
    Speed.  A slow website will lose you customers. WordPress offers many ways to create a fast loading website

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Check what my clients say 

I hired Helen to build me a professional website for my photography and to feature a children's picture book I self published. I also needed a webstore because I sell my photography and book through my website. I needed a very functional yet artistic site. Well, she exceeded my expectations. The website looks beautiful.

The store and its several integrations are working flawlessly and I am getting a ton of compliments on it. Clients are happy with the easy navigation and the beauty of my images and the design. It is perfect. To make things better it was done quickly and communication was outstanding.

I highly recommend using her services. Plus she is super friendly and professional.

Dennis Glennon


Process Steps

All projects are unique but you can expect most of these points to be covered in the website build process

Step 01

Information Gathering.  I will talk with you to learn about you and your business and I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire.

Step 02

Site Navigation.  We will decide on the structure of your website and how visitors can best navigate it.

Step 03

Content Creation.  I will create content for each page of your website based on information gathered, taking into account keywords that you would like to rank for.

Step 04

Design.  We will discuss what design features you have in mind and collaborate to bring your website to life.

Step 05

Review and improve. You will get a chance to change content and edit the design before the site goes live.

Step 06

Test and launch. I will thoroughly test your site to make sure it works exactly as it should before we launch your site to the world.

Optimize and Improve (optional)

The work doesn't stop there.  Now we ensure your site is really working for your business!

Step 07

A/B Testing.  This involves testing one version of a feature against another to learn what is most effective.

Step 08

Lead Generation.  Building leads is essential to any business.  We can use various methods to encourage visitors to sign up to your email list.

Step 09

Improve Interaction. We may use interactive quizzes or comments to encourage your visitors to engage with you and your content.


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