You have invested a lot of money into your website: it’s content, design and implementation.  Now what?

Besides adding more, up to date content to attract more customers, you need to consider how you are going to keep your website secure, up to date and fully functional.

We understand that you are running your business and serving all your new customers generated from your new website, which is why we offer a thorough, in depth Website Care Plan to all of our clients.

What is included in our Website Care Plans?

  1. 1Core Updates.  WordPress offer core updates periodically.  These are to patch security issues and need to be tended to quickly.  Occasionally things can go wrong but we monitor your website constantly which enables us to jump into action as soon as we notice something is wrong.
  2. 2Plugin Updates.  Your websites functionality depends on a number of plugins.  The exact number your website uses depends on the complexity of your website.  The developers of these plugins regularly release updates to fix any security vulnerabilities and to ensure the plugins continue to work with new versions of WordPress installations.  As part of your Website Care Plan plugins are updated in a timely, safe way.
  3. 3Theme Updates.  Similar to plugins theme developers regularly release theme updates.  It is important to check that the website continues to function after these updates are complete.
  4. 4Daily or weekly backups.  Backups are provided either weekly or daily, or more if needed, to ensure there is always a previous version of your website to revert to if things go wrong.
  5. 5Security updates and monitoring.  We will do everything in our power to keep your website safe from hackers.  Updating as previously mentioned is a huge part of this.  We will monitor your website for attacks from bots and hackers.
  6. 6Uptime monitoring.  We will monitor your website to ensure it is always live and available for your customers.  We do not want you to lose any customers because they are met with an error message.  If your website does go down for some reason we can rectify the issue as soon as possible.
  7. 7Monthly reporting.  We will stay in touch with you via your Monthly Report which will encompass all work carried out on your site for the previous month including any downtime that may have occurred.

Websites are what we live and breath.  Sleep easy at night and let us take care of everything so you can grow and expand your business.