Website Building Foundations

4 Lessons

About this course

Are you thinking about building your own website but not sure where to begin?  Do the technical terms put you off getting past the first hurdle?  This 4 part mini course will give you the foundations you need to begin your website building journey.

Course Structure

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Welcome to this short mini course!  This introductory lesson will introduce you to the themes we will be covering in the following lessons.

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The Tech Setup

The terminology and technology needed to build a website usually confuses and worries budding website builders.  In this lesson I will discuss how to pick the best domain, hosting and website platform for you and your business.

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The Content

Next we are going to come up with the content for your website.  In particular the wording and language you use to persuade your visitors to buy from you.

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The Design

Next is the fun part.  How do we design a website that looks and performs great?  I'll let you in on a secret to how you can do just that.

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