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I’v created this gorgeous website ( and I want to show you exactly how I did it (step by step) so you can follow along and create your own website for your business.

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If you need support at any stage simply email me at [email protected]


ThriveThemes support is available from  You can search their forums or submit a ticket for support from them if you have a problem related to Thrive Architect.


SiteGround has a great support system too.  Simply sign in to your dashboard and click on the little question mark on the top right corner, click View Help Center, search for the problem you are having or click on Contact Us.

Introduction And How To Use This Course

This short introductory lesson will set expectations and show you how to use the course materials.

Choosing Your Domain

Your domain is and it is something that you want to take some time to consider and get right.  In this video I will talk to you about what are the most important things to think about when it comes to choosing your domain.

Purchase your domain and hosting service (Step By Step)

In this lesson I will walk you through, step by step, the process of purchasing your domain and hosting service with Siteground.  We will ensure you have WordPress installed as part of this.

Setting Up More Than One Domain (in simplest terms)

You do not have to understand how a website works to build a website.  But, in this lesson I will try to describe to you, in the simplest terms, the relationship between your domain and your hosting provider.  And, how to set up a second domain.

WordPress Walkthrough And Choosing a Theme

Here we will look at how to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and how to choose our WordPress theme.

Adding Pages and Creating A Menu Structure

Here I walk you through the process of creating your 3 essential pages a Home, About and Services pages.

We will then create the menu structure that will be applied to our website header.

Essential Plugins

The plugins you use add specific functionalities to your website.  This video talks you through how to install some essential plugins to get you started.

Installing Thrive Architect

This is the only cost we incur, except our domain and hosting, to build our website.  Thrive Architect is a page  builder that helps you create beautiful website pages, easily.

Configuring SiteGround Optimization and Cloudflare

Your hosting with SiteGround comes with some nice extra benefits when it comes to optimizing your site.  Follow along this video to set some of these up and get the most benefit.

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2 Chapters

Creating Your Content

Before we build our website we are going to spend some time coming up with the all important content.

Website Foundations 3 Lessons

Creating A Logo For Free

Here I walk you through the steps to create a really simple logo for free.

Creating Your Header and Footer

In this lesson we will create the Header and Footer that will appear on every page of the website.

How To Edit Your Logo

I added this lesson in because the initial logo that I created was a square shape which made the Header appear rather wide. 

Here I show you a handy tool to use in order to make a current logo's background transparent or crop the image, which is what I do here.

Creating Your Website Content 5 Lessons

Your Home Page

This lesson will help you develop the content you will put on the Home page of your website.  There is an accompanying Google doc for you to access and use as a prompt and template.

Your About Page

We will do the same thing for your About page.  Hint: It's not just writing about you!

Your Services Page

This lesson will help you collate the information you will need to put together a great Services page.

Creating Separate Pages For Each Service

For some of you, you might want to have a separate page for each service.  This lesson will show you how to set up a sub menu layout.

Finding The Codes For Your Colour Scheme

This short lesson will show you how to find the Hex codes needed to ensure you are using the exact same colours throughout your website.

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Building Your Basic Website 13 Lessons

Building Your Hero Area

It's time to start building your website!  We'll start with the top section, your Hero Area.

A little CSS amendment

Don't worry, I will show you exactly what to type!

Home Page - Products or Services Section

The next step is to add a section that showcases the main or most important services or products that you offer.

Home Page - Unique Selling Point

What makes your business different and better than the others?  We will add that to this section.

Home Page - Adding a Lead Generator

Start collecting leads by adding a lead generator to your Home page.

Integrating a Free MailChimp Account

Now I will show you how to integrate your free mail chimp account with your lead generator section on your Home page.

Adding a Privacy Policy

It is a good idea to have a privacy policy accessible on your website.  You will find a free template that you can use and edit as you see fit for this purpose.

Building Your About Page

This video shows you how you might want to design your About page.

Integrating Social Media Platforms

It's important that we give the opportunity for website visitors to follow us on social media.

Building Your Services/Products Page

Watch me build, from scratch our beautiful Services/Products page

Setting Your Website To Live

In this lesson we make a few last adjustments and set our website to actually work.

Internal Linking

In this lesson I will show you how to make sure a website visitor can move seamlessly around your site.

Setting Your Featured Image

Your featured image is what Google or Facebook may use when you share your website link.  These platforms may use an inappropriate image so this lesson will show you how to set this.

Growing Your Website 4 Lessons

Using a Contact Form

You might want to add a contact form to a dedicated contact page or add a contact section to a current page.  Learn how to ensure you receive the emails notifying you of messages received through the contact form.

Creating a Blog

Blogging can be a great way of communicating with your customers.  Here is how to set this up if you need this functionality on your website.

Taking Payments

In this video I show you how you can quickly, easily and affordably start taking payments on your website.

Taking Bookings and Payments

This is a second option if you want to let a user book and pay for a service without even leaving your website.

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Maintaining 2 Lessons

Updating Plugins

This quick video shows you how to update your plugins and WordPress.

Keeping Backups Of Your Website

Here I show you how you can make back up copies of your website using SiteGrounds backup feature.

Monitoring 1 Lesson

Using Google Search Console

Google Search Console can give you important insight into your websites performance.  Here I'll show you how to set this up.

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