Build Your Own Amazing Website Even If You Have Zero Skills Or Experience

Build your website from scratch with the exact step by step method used by many website designers.  Beware!  Your friends and colleagues might try and get you to build their website too!

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It's time to stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed!

Have you tried to create a website before but ended up with a mess?  Have you wasted precious time and energy trying to figure out how to create your own professional looking website?  

I have been close to pulling my hair out!  What is a domain and hosting anyway?! And how on earth do I use WordPress to make my site?

I wasted valuable time and money figuring out the difference between and, which was better for my website?! I tried some of the all in one platforms like Wix and Squarespace but I could not get the site to look how I wanted, plus it was starting to get costly.

It was only by pure stubbornness and lots of Youtube videos that I got to where I am today.

I know what its like to start a new business. There are so many things to think about.  Marketing, messaging, branding, advertising, social media!  As a business owner we feel like we have to know and do it all.

Researching the problem can become overwhelming because there are so many options available.  It can take months just to figure out something simple.

Creating your very own website should not be that hard.  You should be able to spend your time on the important stuff which is why I created.....


Course is spot on for someone with zero experience

I've been working my way through the course and following the steps - I've now set up Siteground and WordPress and pointed my domain name to SiteGround. Now ready to start building!

Course is spot on for someone with zero experience with website building and everything working well so far. The recommendations and reasons behind them are particularly helpful, saving me oodles of time and confusion!

Natalie Strachan , Dietitian

Build your own Amazing website in Less time

This is an online course that will take you through the process of creating a professional 3 page WordPress website you can be proud of. This course will not teach you everything there is to know about making a website, instead it will take you through the exact step by step process to create a professional looking site. Watch me create a new website from scratch and simply do what I do.

Start Building Your Amazing Website 

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How will this course benefit you?

Save your time for what really matters

As a business owner your time is precious.  Spend your time doing things that will grow your business and get more customers.  Don't waste time experimenting with all the different options out there only to become more and more frustrated.

Get your site up and running quickly

Having a professional website associated with your brand gives your prospective customers confidence that you are a legitimate business worth investing in. Create your site using this course and your site can start working to grow your business immediately.

Search engine optimization

Being found on google is essential for any business.  This course will include how to ensure your website is found online and give you advice as to how you can develop this further in the future.

You have complete control

I am not selling software of a platform for you to use. Instead I am showing you how you can create your very own self hosted WordPress site. This way you own all the content and are in complete control of your site.

What’s in the course

This video course is made up of four modules with over 30 lessons taking you every step of the way to an amazing website.  It's not just the theory included in this course, it's the exact 'how to' of building and maintaining your website.


Module 1: The Tech Set Up

01 Introduction and How To Use This Course

02 Choosing Your Domain

03 Choosing Your Hosting Service

04 Purchasing Your Domain and Hosting

05 Using More Than One Domain

06 Adding Pages and Creating A Menu Structure

07 Basic WordPress Navigation and Essential Plugins

08 Installing Thrive Architect (the page builder that costs $67 to purchase)

09 Configuring SiteGround Optimization and Cloudflare


Module 2: Creating Your Content

Chapter 1: Website Foundations

01 Creating a Logo For Free

02 Creating Your Header and Footer

03 How To Edit An Existing Logo

Chapter 2: Creating Your Website Content

Creating Your Website Content templates are included to help you develop good sales copy (the words used to sell your business).

01 Your Home Page 

02 Your About Page 

03 Your Services Page

04 Creating Separate Pages For Each Service

05 Finding The Codes For Your Colour Scheme


Module 3: Building Your Website

Chapter 1: Adding Your Content

01 Building Your Hero Area

02 A little CSS amendment

03 Home Page - Products or Services Section

04 Home Page - Unique Selling Point

05 Home Page - Adding a Lead Generator

06 Integrating a Free MailChimp Account (email marketing)

07 Adding a Privacy Policy (template included)

08 Building Your About Page

09 Integrating Social Media Platforms

10 Building Your Services/Products Page

11 Setting Your Website To Live

11 Internal Linking

Chapter 2: Growing Your Website

01 Creating A Contact Page

02 Creating A Blog

03 Taking Payments


Module 3: Maintaining and Monitoring

Chapter 1: Maintaining Your Website

01 Updating Plugins

02 Keeping Backups Of Your Website

Chapter 2: Monitoring Your Website

01 Google Analytics

02 Search Console


That's not all! 

Bonus 1
Lifetime access

You will have access to the course as long as it exists PLUS all future updates.

WordPress is always being updated as are the plugins required to make your site run.  The course will be updated to ensure that you will always have the most relevant information available.

Bonus 2

I am here to make this process as easy as possible.  You can contact me via email 24/7 and I will do my best to help you with any problems you have.

Siteground, the hosting company I recommend, is well known for having exceptional 24 hour support and can help you with most tech set up or WordPress problems.

Bonus 3
Content Templates

It's not just the website design that can cause a headache but figuring out what to write can be a struggle too.  This is why I have created templates for you to use.

You will see the thought process behind creating a website that converts!

Now For A Limited Time You Also Get...

Ready Made Templates

I have done the hard work for you.  You will also get an exact Home page template that you simply upload onto your website, change some of the wording and your ready to hit publish!

Website Audit

Take the course, follow along and when your done let me have a look.  I'll give you tips and hints at ways to improve the appearance or functionality of your website

All This For Just

Limited Time Offer


  • Nearly 40 video lessons
  • Content Templates
  • Daily Accountability
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Website Audit

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you follow the video lessons throughout this course then you will have created a beautiful WordPress website.  But, if for any reason you are unhappy with this course or it was not what you were hoping for then I will give you your money back, no questions asked with 30 days of your purchase.

About The Course Creator,
Helen Harvey

Helen is a dietitian by trade and knows the struggles small business owners face in getting online.  She has spent the last few years learning WordPress, SEO and online marketing.  She is NOT a website developer.  Instead she knows first hand, because she has been through the process, exactly what YOU need to know.

Helen wants you to be able to create and manage your own website without depending on developers who don't understand your business.  She tries to keep start up costs as low as possible and is totally transparent about what costs are involved with creating a website you can be proud of.

A Final Note

Congratulations on being a small business owner and taking on the mammoth task of building your own website.  

I am proud to have created something that can help you avoid all the wasted hours, and hair pulling late at night.  This course is an accumulation of all of my learning in a format that does not aim to teach you everything there is.  Go to Udemy if that is what you need. Instead you will find a step by step approach anyone could follow.

Good luck in your website building journey.  Have fun and be proud of your achievement.