You need a call to action on your website if you want to convert website visitors to customers.  A call to action indicates what you want someone to do when they visit your site.  In this article, ‘Why You Need A Call To Action On Your Website’ I will give you the three most important things to consider when it comes to implementing your call to action.  The three things are:

1. Place your call to action many times throughout your site

2. Be consistent

3. Make it unmissable

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The call to action that you choose to have on your site depends on what product or service you provide.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Consultancy/Advice Based Service

Therapy or Wellness Practice

Other examples might include:

Your call to action must move people towards purchasing from you so it must be useful for your business.  If someone signs up for a free download they get added to your email list, if they fill in a form you can gather their details and learn more about your customers.

Let’s move onto what are the most important things to consider when effectively implementing your call to action.

1. Add your call to action many times throughout your website

Your website visitor must never be unsure of what their next move should be.  For this reason you should place your call to action frequently throughout your website. 

The first part of your website that your visitors see is called the ‘above the fold’.  This comes from when people used to read newspapers.  In this ‘above the fold’ section you must have your call to action.  Straight away give your visitors the option to ‘sign up’, ‘buy now’ or ‘book a call’.

Call to action clearly in above the fold

This call to action is clearly presented ‘above the fold’

Once they learn about you and how you can help them, again, offer them the call to action.

Put it regularly throughout your website so that button is never far away from their line of sight.

2. Be Consistent

Your call to action should appear the same throughout your website.  This means the button should be the same shape, the same color and with the same text.

You want visitors to your site to have no doubts about what you are asking them to do.  You want to draw them to take this action.  This is where our next point is important.

Example of a great call to action

This is an example of a clear, consistent call to action from EverNote

3. It must be unmissable 

Your call to action must stand out from the rest of your website.  Generally your website should have only a few key colors that look professional, but your call to action needs to be different.  It should be unmissable and attract the eye of your website visitors.

Try a few different colors that work with your current color scheme so that you do not have clashing colors.


Don’t be passive! Be clear and ask for the sale. If you don’t know Donald Miller from Story Brand then he talks a lot about how you can optimize your website. Check out this video where he talks about your call to action.

Your Website Is Not About You!

This might be hard to believe but your website is not a chance for you to tell everyone everything about you.  It is your opportunity to help people by offering your services to help fix a problem they have.

Creating a website can either be a big waste of time, that does your business no good or worse hurts your image, or it can bring in more customers and grow your business. Which would you prefer?

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Natalie Strachan Nutrition

Natalie Strachan


“Thanks so much for everything. It’s great to have a ‘proper’ website that I can update myself.”

What call to actions do you use on your website currently?  Do you follow these points already or have you got some work to do?  I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

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