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I'm Helen Harvey

Website Designer


I'm Helen Harvey

Website Designer


About Me

I'm Helen Harvey, Dietitian, Turned Website Designer

I started creating websites first for myself, then for friends and then for business associates.  I found that the normal cost of developing a functioning website was a real barrier to appearing professional online, especially for small businesses and start ups.

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website: www.harveywebsitedesign.com

Location: Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Age: 34

Email: [email protected]


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What message are you communicating to your customers?


Lets get your logo, colour scheme and website all in sync with each other 


Do you know how to grow your business into one that people can't do without?

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I can make your website look professional and provide a solid user experience

About Helen Harvey

My Story

I'm Helen.  I am originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I now live, pretty much the opposite end of Ireland in Co. Kerry in the Republic of Ireland.  What brought me here was my man, pictured above.  We now live together with our beautiful daughter who is nearly 3 years old.  

It is my family and my living circumstances that have driven me to find a career that works around being a mother living in a rural area. I love my job and the type of life it provides me.  I work with clients all over the world, have people work for me from their homes equally far away and I can work from anywhere.

Working from home

Working from my home office

I love to travel and I have booked my first house sitting adventure for this month, taking my family to stay on a farm in France, looking after the place and the animals.  Now that is an adventure!

How did I  become a website designer?  I was working as a dietitian and I wanted to create and maintain my own website.  At first as a way to save money but I also wanted to create and manage online courses so I wanted to be in control.  It was just as well I wasn't getting many dietetic customers because it took all of my time and energy to learn how to make and design my website.  I'm sure many of you reading this can relate.

I did succeed however, and through this learning process I learnt a lot about websites and marketing in general.  I was starting to enjoy business and websites and marketing more than I did being a dietitian.

Then I had the opportunity to create a website for a friend, Anne.  She owns the company Blackwater Sport Horses and was having difficulty changing her website to suite her changing business.  She found her website designer did not understand what she wanted and he was quoting her a lot for, what she thought was a simple change.  I offered to have a go and create it for her.  You can take a look at this first attempt here.

Helen Harvey Rowing with Sneem

I love competing and spent two summers rowing with Sneem Rowing Club

This planted a seed of thought in my head.  Was there a market for simple, professional website design?  Turned out there was.  And, as they say the rest is history.

I now have clients in New York, South Africa, Ireland and Texas and it's not just small simple sites either.  

I have also realised that people don't just want a website.  They need help with selling their business.  They need help using the right words, taking the best pictures and how to get traffic to their website.  So, this is what I now provide.  

I take time to understand each business I work with.  I take time to understand what problems they solve for their potential clients and find the right words to communicate this.

I have now built a successful business by finding a problem, then solving that problem with my own services.  This, I think, is the most important thing to consider in marketing your business and making it successful.  

I want to help make your business successful.  Get in touch and we can discuss your individual business needs.

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Client Testimonials

I asked Helen to make my website as found it hard to get someone who understood that I wanted something simple and easy to use and also at an affordable rate. Helen was so easy to work with and she understood straight away what I was looking for.  

Anne Schep

Owner of Blackwater Sport Horses


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If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch using one of the methods below.

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Lackeen, Blackwater, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  V93 YR74

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